When it comes to finding the right Concrete Contractor, you want to be sure to find the right one. Concrete is a serious job that requires professionalism, expertise, design and precision.
That is what we do here at Rock Bock Concrete.
With years of experience, Rock Bottom has taken on countless Residential, Commercial and Industrial Concrete jobs ranging anywhere from Concrete Patios and Concrete Driveways to full Concrete Foundations, Concrete Pads, Concrete Demolition and much more.
With an eye for design and a moral compass that portrays high quality at all times, we have excelled in every aspect of concrete, no matter the size of the job.

Here at Rock Bottom Concrete, we take our Amish-Craftsmanship and Amish Values extremely seriously and those morals have transferred over into how we conduct our business and how we hold our standards when it comes to our business. We truly believe that a job is never complete until it is finished properly and perfectly, ensuring each and every one of our customers attains that high-end and high-quality conclusion of work.

When it comes to our Services and our Service areas, we do just about everything, just about everywhere. We travel all over the Michiana community, Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan, perfecting our Concrete Services all along the way.

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Here at Rock Bottom Concrete, we apply several standards to each and every job, ensuring consistency and quality to each customer that we work with and each job that we complete.
We focus on


We believe that each job is as important as the next, no matter how big or small, and we show each project the same precision, perfection and passion so that our customers come back to us time and time again.


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Concrete Foundations and Concrete Pads are typically large, flat slabs of concrete that are the very base of specific structures such as homes, offices, businesses, factories, medicinal facilities and more. These are quite literally the groundwork to home a safe structure and are typically located on top of a sand structure to promote drainage and act as a barrier buffer.

To view some examples of our Concrete Foundations and Concrete Pads, see our Gallery Page here

Decorative stamped concrete

Decorative Stamped Concrete is the perfect way to enhance the look and the value of any property, Residential or Commercial. From driveways and patios to restaurant flooring and walkways, Stamped Concrete is diverse and easily customizable by color and design. This specific type of concrete is just as sturdy and durable as any other type of concrete and is a perfect way to "wow" guests of all kinds.


A Poured Concrete Wall is useful for several purposes and can often maintain safety, security, privacy and allure. These types of foundations are built by pouring concrete into vertical and horizontal frames and then placing forms on top of spreading footings. Typically these foundations are about 6 to 10 inches thick but can be customized to be slightly smaller to much wider. We also offer this service as a customizable service so that you can add color and even stamps to your walls.

For more information on Poured Concrete Walls, Contact us here

concrete DRIVEWAYS

When it comes to Concrete Driveways, we at Rock Bottom Concrete, typically focus largely on high-end homes throughout the Michiana area including Lakehouses, gated community homes and other large houses. However, we will also pour and perfect smaller-sized Concrete Driveways. We are more than happy to incorporate Decorative Stamped Concrete into your Concrete Driveway, as well, which will really enhance the value and enjoyment of your Residence.

To see more about our Concrete Driveway Services, click here


One of the best ways to enhance the value of your home and the enjoyment of your life at home is to install a Concrete Patio. Typically, Concrete Patios are located near the back of a home but can be housed anywhere on your property. This Service can also be paired with Decorative Stamped Concrete, making this patio completely customizable and personalized.
No matter the size of the Concrete Patio that you are looking to add to your property, we will excel in this new Residential or Commercial addition!


One of the services that come in most handy to our customers is our Concrete Demolition, Concrete Cutting and Concrete Removing service.
Concrete is hard to break up and heavy to haul away, opening up more possibility for injury when not done by a professional.
For years, we at Rock Bottom Concrete have been serving the Michiana community with our Demolition and Concrete Removal services, making life just that much cleaner and easier for the residents and business owners of our area. 

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No matter the job, no matter the size, we at Rock Bottom Concrete are excited to service the Michiana community (including Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan) with our professional and precise Concrete Services. From our trusted Amish-Craftsmanship, our moral values and our precision in our work, there is no other Concrete company quite like us!
We add the perfect touch of professionalism and design to each and every project and look forward to sharing that uniqueness with you.


Residential, Commercial or Industrial Concrete Services in the Michiana area.
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